Goolgoola Indian Fritters


Goolgoola is an Indian savoury that is made during prayers and serves as an offering to deities. It is made especially on these days. In every Hindu home in Durban one would always get the smell of Goolgoola, it is an old time favourite that is made by females under strictly clean conditions. It is used as an offering and then given to people in parcels. It is always made with vaadas which is an Indian prayer edible made with lentils and spices. It can also be bought from restaurants such as little Gujarat and Victory Lounge in Durban. The bigger rounder productions of Goolgoolas are known as the Ngunia which are familiar with the local black community in Durban and are sold on the streets.



500g self raising flour
5ml cardamon powder
200ml desiccated coconut
800ml cold milk
2ml salt
250ml sugar
50ml raisins (optional)
Oil for deep fat frying


Sift the flour, salt and cardamon powder together. Then add the sugar, coconut and raisins together to the mixture.
Mix the ingredients with milk to form a thick batter.Heat oil in a deep fat frying pan and add teaspoonful of batter into pan. Fry for 5 -10 minutes on moderate heat till round, crisp and golden brown.
Drain out oil well and turn on to kitchen paper. Makes a dozen.

Written by Yoveshine Pillay

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