eNanda.co.za launches!

An initiative of the Cultural and Heritage Tourism Programme, University of KwaZulu-Natal

This interactive site is a limitless reservoir for the rich culture and heritage of eNanda (also called Inanda), a historically unique township outside Durban on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. It will be built up over time by trained volunteers, members of the community, informed outsiders and tourists who have visited eNanda. Anyone can contribute their stories, voice recordings, images or videos – in either English or isiZulu.

This site is meant to help preserve memories, traditional heritage and contemporary culture through modern technology, share it with the world and promote it for tourism. Young people are encouraged to interview their elders, taking pictures and videos, including with their mobile phones, while older people can approach the youth to help them record their stories and cultural knowledge.

This site is envisaged to become an invaluable resource for researchers and anyone interested in oral history and changing cultural practices. The stories and cultural knowledge presented here are based on the memories, cultural understandings and opinions of individuals with different levels of expertise. They may not always constitute accurate factual knowledge or historical ‘truth’, but the source of the information will always be recorded, as all contributors are asked to capture names, dates and places of their submissions.

For tourists and interested local visitors, this site represents a unique insight into the authentic culture andheritage of a community. Visitors are welcome to attend many of the cultural events and ceremonies that occur in eNanda and the contact details provided by contributors can help tourists get further information. Tourist guides and tour operators can update their knowledge about local culture and get new ideas for attractions. Tourists are encouraged to share their experiences of eNanda, their likes and dislikes, hence helping tourist guides improve, and assist the community discover new opportunities for offering products and services. Ultimately, this site is meant to help the eNanda community benefit more from the Inanda Heritage Route, allowing them to learn about tourism and supporting those who want to enter the industry.

View the site at eNanda.co.za.

Sabine Marschall
Associate Professor: Cultural and Heritage Tourism, University of KwaZulu-Natal

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