Durban Living Legend – Bongani Donald Mkhwanazi

Bongani Donald Mkhwanazi was born on 11 April 1953 in Durban’s Claremont Township, he was a pioneer of Black Economic Empowerment and its implementation before it became government policy by creating opportunities for black businessmen. He is said to have coined the term “BEE” in the 1980s as President of the Black Management Forum. Don started the National Empowerment Trust in 1992.

He spearheaded the return of Pepsi-Cola in South Africa in the 1990’s and was Chairman of the sub-committee on BEE of the Industrial Development Corporation or IDC, South Africa’s largest development finance corporation. This initiative came to underscore the new strategic direction of IDC. This was the highlight and most significant of all his sub-committee chairmanships. Don Mkhwanazi passed away in July 2016.

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