A ‘Family’ Photo Album

One of the core principles of the Ulwazi Programme is that information be collected in as democratic a manner as possible, with members of the public working in conjunction with fieldworkers to create content, many of which were previously unrecorded. Working along similar lines, Proclamation 73 is a not-for-profit project that is currently calling for the public submission of photographs from people’s family photo albums. The aim is to collate a digital archive of the Durban North and Durban South neighbourhoods that under South Africa’s apartheid regime were designated for people classified as Coloured and Indian in terms of the Group Areas Act.

eThekwini History Museums, which coordinates the Ulwazi Programme, is a partner in Proclamation 73, working in conjunction with Chandra Frank and Zara Julius, and with the support of the Goethe Institut.

For further information or to find our how to submit your family photographs please visit proclamation73.wixsite.com. And should you wish to submit stories to Ulwazi please click on the  ‘Contribute’ tab on our home page.

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