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Contribute to Ulwazi! Have something you want to add to Ulwazi? Becoming a contributor is quick and easy. You can:

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Types of Contributions

The Ulwazi Programme is a project of the Local History Museums of eThekwini Municipality. It encourages contributions from members of the public on any topics relating to the city of Durban and areas within the eThekwini Municipality. The project aims to record and share aspects of local knowledge, history and culture from within the municipality. The type of content, in the form of newspaper-style articles (sometimes with images and audio files) includes:

  • Recorded oral histories
  • Photographs of material culture
  • Recipes
  • Oral forms of history
  • Customs
  • Music
  • Art and
  • Local ways of doing things

Share and Learn!

We have created an easy step-by-step manual for those who want to contribute to the Ulwazi Programme. Share your story, a family recipe, the history of your area etc. and learn how to do basic digital content management at the same time! Click HERE (English) or HERE (Zulu) to access the Ulwazi Programme Contributors’ Guide.