Why Themba Stopped Talking & Other Stories

The benefits of reading cannot be understated, but with the onslaught of visual media that we face everyday, it’s becoming harder and harder to pull ourselves away from our computer screens and focus on our reading. Even harder for children whose first language isn’t English, and who struggle to find books written in their native tongue, with local content. Sidima Mntubu, MD of Iliso Publishing, recognises the importance of reading for children and has made it his mission to provide African language books available to our youth. He is the author of ‘Why Themba Stopped Talking’, which is available in English, Afrikaans and isiZulu, along with a number of other children stories, including ‘Sipho Hides’, ‘Mekuta’s Sons’ and ‘The Hidden Hand’.

Order Mntubu’s books via Amazon and start reading to your little boy or girl tonight – you’ll struggle to find a better gift for your child than the world that a good book opens up for them!

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