Ulwazi Programme’s Schools Project Launched

The Ulwazi Programme is please to announce, in co-operation with the Goethe-Insitut South Africa, the launch of the pilot Schools Project.  Taking place over the next two terms at school’s in KwaMashu and Umlazi, the Ulwazi Programme will teach skills in ICT and historical research to participating students.

The Ulwazi school’s project will run at township and rural schools where there are computer laboratories, two schools during the 2nd semester 2011 and two schools during the 1st semester 2012. Students selected will be from grade 9 and 10, with an interest in history, language or IT. The project will be run in the afternoons as an extramural activity. As such, students will not receive credit towards their end of term results but on completion on the project they will receive a competency certificate from Ulwazi.

The pilot project will be run with a practical task-based section and an online e-learning component, with a mentor assigned to each school.

A project blog, with more information, has been set up here.  The students and mentors will take ownership of the blog and publish their own articles on it, for the duration of the project.

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