The Science of Language

Former ANC Member of Parliament, Dr Makhosi Khoza, is the author of the recently published book, UZALO, which critically examines African indigenous languages, with a particular focus on isiZulu.

Khoza proposes that what are known as the Bantu languages all share a common structure based on mathematical formulas and principles of science. In order to explain her theory of language, Khoza had ordered isiZulu into 12 noun clusters which she details in UZALO, an acronym for ‘Ubuntu Zulu Alphabetical Logic Order’, and also the isiZulu word for ‘descendants’.

Dr Khoza believes that IsiZulu is an extremely systematic and well-ordered language, the structure of which was not accidental, but rather carefully thought out and formulated, and that by highlighting the scientific basis of the language and the problem-solving techniques inherent in isiZulu, we will be contributing to the Decolonisation, Reconstruction and Reconciliation process.

Finally Dr Khoza proposes that “what connects the aBantu is not just the similarities between their languages but their ubuntu philosophy, which has survived for centuries despite the dehumanisation and injustices committed against these people”. She believes the the principles of balance, fairness, and interconnectedness are present in the Bantu languages.

UZALO IsiZulu Grammar Textbook is a publication of the Cambridge University Press and is available for sale online at a retail price of R280.


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