Thank You and Hamba Kahle Tata

Nelson Mandela by Alex Hamilton
Nelson Mandela by Alex Hamilton

Last Thursday was a historic day, not just for South Africa, but for the whole world as news spread around the globe that South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, had passed away. Mandela had been sick with a  lung infection for many months, but the immense sadness and grief that overtook South Africa on Friday as people woke up to the news that Tata Mandela had died was almost palpable, with flags flying at half-mast and radio stations playing Brenda Fassie’s emotional tribute to Mandela and the struggle, My Black President.

And we at Ulwazi would like to join the millions of people paying their respects to this great man, who will be missed by so many. Without Mandela, and his comrades, a programme like Ulwazi would never have come to be. We salute the unimaginable sacrifices that these people made in fighting for our freedom, and say a special thank you to Mandela for all that he gave our country and its people.

Hambe kahle tata.

Image courtesy of Alex Hamilton.

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