Thando the Poet

Nothando Nelisiwe Buthelezi
Nothando Nelisiwe Buthelezi

Tomorrow marks Women’s Day in South Africa, and while it should be a day for celebrating the achievements of women in our country, sadly at home, and around the world, there are still too many girls and women dealing with issues of neglect, abuse, and limited economic and social power. In 2017 women are still struggling to have their voices heard, and so writers like Nothando Buthelezi, who goes by the name ‘The Poet’, use poetry to vent their frustrations and bring healing to their communities.

Click here to watch Nothando perform a piece that describes the story a young woman whose experience of life is sadly not that different to that of many women across the world.

Note: Because of the nature of the subject matter, and the language used, this video is only suitable for adult audiences

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