ZCC Easter Festival

This past weekend saw millions of ZCC (Zion Christian Church) members make their way to Limpopo for the bi-annual Zionist gathering. The Easter celebrations take place in the town of Moria, considered to be the spiritual centre of the church. The founder of ZCC, Joseph Engenas Lekganyane, bought the land, which sits about 50km east of Polokwane, before his death in … Read more

The Zion Christian Church

Most people associate the Shembes with KwaZulu-Natal, but as the largest Christian denomination in South Africa, the Zion Christian Church also has a big following in KZN. Both the Shembes and the Zionists can trace their roots back to the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM).  Isaiah Shembe was a member of the AFM for about a year in the Orange Free … Read more