Ulwazi mobile usage up substantially

Towards the end of 2010 we developed a mobile interface for the Ulwazi Programme’s Community Memory website. All signs were pointing to an increase in internet access via mobile phones in South Africa and we felt that the Ulwazi Programme should accommodate this trend. We are pleased to announce that since then visits to the … Read more

November Submissions

Some fascinating new submissions from our volunteer field-workers: History of Nkanyezi Mountain at Mbumbulu‎ Link tabloid‎ INYAMA YENKOMO‎ Andrew Verster – Artist, Designer and Playwriter‎ Qadi Clan Migration by King Shaka: Zulu – Kingdom, South Africa‎ Intelezi‎ Utshwala BesiZulu, Umbumbulu, Durban, South Africa

October Submissions

Some fascinating new submissions from our volunteer fieldworkers: Isigubhu‎ Zulu clothing‎ Inkawu nobhanana‎ Fetching water from the river

Welcome to our new blog!

The Ulwazi Programme has just launched this blog to keep our users up to date with new content added to the Ulwazi Memory and also to generate discussion around items already added to the wiki.  We encourage you to comment on our posts and let us know what you think of the Programme.