Nqobile’s Stories: November

As usual Nqobile chose some interesting topics to research in the month of November. The first of her stories deals with complexities involved in a polygamous Zulu relationship, in particular how livestock is distributed between children of different wives, and the social rules associated with how to deal with this issue (e.g. the process that’s … Read more

Traditional Healers’ Clothes

It’s been a while since our fieldworkers have been ‘on the road’, but we’re happy to say that they’re back out there, recording stories and interviewing people from their communities about their local history. Click here to read a report from Nelisiwe Hlongwane on the different clothes that traditional healers wear, and what these outfits … Read more

Turning to traditional medicines in fight against malaria

Encouraging the use of traditional African herbal medicines could prevent some of the one million malarial deaths on the continent, according to specialists attending a conference in Nairobi. Many poor communities, especially in rural settings, cannot afford modern malarial drugs and many people die due to inaccessibility of treatment.

“Malaria kills many people in Africa, both children and adults, despite the availability of free treatment in certain African countries. While it is true many governments in Africa, with development partners, give free paediatric treatment for malaria, many still cannot access this facilities and resort to home treatment,” says Merlin Wilcox of the Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods and the University of Oxford.

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