Polygamous Marriages in South Africa

Last week we looked at customary marriages, and the concept of common law unions, so we thought that we’d extend the conversation this week to polygamous marriages, which are recognised in terms of South African law. In order for partners in a polygamous marriage to enjoy the protection afforded them by the law certain requirements … Read more

Vat en Sit

Following on from our earlier discussion on customary marriages, cohabitation or ‘vat en sit’ is another construct worth examining. With tough economic times, many young people are putting off lobola negotiations, and choosing instead to cohabitate, sometimes under the mistaken belief that if they live together for a certain number of years, their relationship will … Read more

Requirements for a Customary Marriage

Earlier this month traditional marriages came under the spotlight when the widow of hip-hop star, HHP, had to argue in court that the legal requirements for her customary marriage to be acknowledged had been met. The father of┬áJabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo, was arguing that because lobola hadn’t been paid in full, and that the ceremony which … Read more