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A few weeks back SAFM had a really interesting discussion with Paul Mikula, architect and managing trustee of the Phansi Museum in Glenwood. Mikula’s passion for the ubuntuART Museum that’s housed in Roberts House, the building that accommodates Phansi, is infectious. Mikula spoke about everything from the changing of their address from Frere Road to Esther Roberts, and what that means in terms of the history of South Africa, to the types of visitors and collectors that visit the museum.

Paul Mikula, Managing Trustee of the Phansi Museum
Paul Mikula, Managing Trustee of the Phansi Museum

He also spoke about how the skills that were used to coil the pots in the museum, or string the beads, are in danger of dying out. Through their Africademy, Phansi hopes to resuscitate African crafts by passing these skills, which have been honed over centuries, onto a new generation.

Funding is a massive problem though, with Africademy’s main donor, the Bartel Arts Trust Fund, no longer in existence. To keep their doors open Phansi are looking to establish partnerships with schools and organisations, who for a stipulated monthly fee, will have access to the premises, as well as the museum’s collection for corporate and private functions. They are also reaching out to ‘friends of Phansi’ for support through smaller, annual donations.

If you would like to contribute to this incredibly worthwhile cause then please click on the Donate tab on the Phansi Museum’s website.

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