Song of the Soil

Sbonelo Tau Luthuli
Sbonelo Tau Luthuli

The Zulu clay pot, or ukhamba, is something very special indeed. Not only are these pots very striking to look at, but they permeate a sense of Zulu culture and are steeped in history, with all sorts of traditions associated with them. Most typically the pots are made by women, and are used to drink beer. The ritual of drinking beer from izinkamba follows a certain pattern, with parties taking turns to drink, in order of their status in the community.

DUT Fine Art graduate and ceramic artist, Sbonelo Tau Luthuli, is currently exhibiting his collection of izinkamba at the Durban Art Gallery, as part of a solo show entitled Song of the Soil. The exhibition consists of ‘traditional’ clay pots that Luthuli has reinterpreted as a means of social commentary and as an expression of his roots. He sees the pots as promoting women, who Luthuli views as the ‘pillars of society’. It is for this reason that the pots are shaped like women’s hips.

The exhibition opened on the 9th October and will close on the 23rd October. Click here to read more about Song of the Soil and the artist, Sbonelo Tau Luthuli. His is definitely a name to watch!

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