Soji Recipe: Traditional Indian Dessert

Here’s something delicious for the weekend!

Soji or semolina pudding is a traditional Durban Indian dish that is made and served as a dessert. It is sold in local Indian restaurants or it can be prepared at home. The preparation of Soji can be made by both men and women and is generally not used as a particular offering to Hindu deities during prayers. The history of Soji dates back with the arrival of Indian settlers in Durban carried over through generations by the practical preparation of the dessert. It was a cheap and easy form of indulgence and thus it became an affordable dessert. Indians came from a dominantly agricultural land and it was in their interest to create their own variations of milling products and from wheat flour, they created Soji a wheat pudding.

Since Indians believe in a balance and most of their cuisines are spicy the idea of a ‘sweet’ was the perfect way to equilibrium. In local Durban functions such as weddings and ceremonies, Soji is served traditionally as a sweet after serving the main meal of generally Breyani to guests. It can be prepared by using either Semolina or Tasty Wheat. Soji is generally white in color but food coloring can be used. It is usually served at weddings as a yellow treat.

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