Singing Your Praises!

It may be nothing more than a marketing ploy, but Castle’s new ‘Clan Cans’ are a brilliant way of encouraging young South Africans to reconnect with their roots. Based on the most popular clan names in South Africa, Castle are rebranding their milk stout cans with the names of different clans, with the clan praises featured below the names. The first six clan praises on the current milk stout cans were derived from the six cultural activists behind the campaign: poet Lebo Mashile; actor Pallance Dladla; musician Stoan Seate; praise singer Zolani Mkiva; traditional healer Gogo Mayo; and radio and tv personality, Ntombee Ngcobo Mzolo.

Castle are now looking at adding a further 18 clan names to their cans, and the public have a say in which names will form part of the campaign. If you want to see your clan name on a can then visit You can search for your clan name, and if it’s not already their, add it! It’s not quite the same as seeing your name up in lights, but it’s pretty darn cool!

Click here to watch the advertisement for the campaign.

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