One Hundred Stones

One hundred stones is a game which is played by girls of all ages. The game is played on a flat concrete surface and requires many firm stones and a player (stone used to play with). Playing one hundred stones builds hand-eye coordination and concentration. Ten year old Dylan Rose of Mariannridge Primary School explained how the game was played.

First Round – Ones
Draw a circle and place the stones in the centre.Using one hand, toss your player up, pull out stones and catch your player.Toss your player up; push stones back into the circle except one, which you keep (eat). To eat the last stone, toss your player up, pick up the stone/s and catch your player.The person you are playing against must put their stones into the circle.Play until you’ve eaten all their stones or go out.

Second Round – Twos
Play the game of one hundred stones as above. Eat two stones throughout this round.Add one stone to the amount you eat for every round.The player who eats the most stones wins the game.

You stop and allow the next person to play if:
You drop your player.You do not manage to get the all the stones into the circle.You eat the incorrect amount of stones.

By: Beverley Webster

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