Nomthandazo Ngcongo Family History, Elangeni FET College, KwaMashu Campus

I come from a big family with many different people in it with different values beliefs and personalities. My family comes from the southern part of KwaZulu Natal, Umkhomazi in the village of Wosi. Where my grandfather grew up and my father grew up. My grandfather’s name is Zizwezonke who got married to my granny Sne in the year of 1954. They were blessed with six children three boys and three girls one of these boys the eldest of them is my father they grew up as normal children, until they reached an age that my father Simphiwe Ngcongo got married to a beautiful woman, my mother Ayanda they were blessed with five children two boys Lungani and Sihle and three girls Khethiwe, Zanele and Nomthandazo.

Sadly in the year 1990 both my grandparents passed away in a car accident on the way to town to collect their pension money. Leaving my family and relatives in a terrible grief. In the year 1991, my family moved to KwaMashu and started a new life and my grandparent`s house was abandoned because to them it felt cold they could not feel the presence of my grandparents warmness. My siblings and I made new friends and started at new school. Sadly my grandparents never saw me graduate at pre-school as I am the youngest of them all.

I attended a lot of schools to name the few John Dube Secondary and Sibonelo High School.The highest grade I passed was grade 12. Due to financial problems at home, my dad being the bread winner at home I furthered my studies at an FET College at Sivananda doing Information Technology. I set my goals into doing my best and to become a bread winner myself too. Life became tough when we moved to KwaMashu my father’s sister passed away in the year 2001. I felt like the world was coming to an end. In the year 2004 my other aunt Ncane got married to a man called Khehla who his family lived in the northern part of KwaZulu Natal, KwaHlabisa. The family started growing, their children were named after my great grandparents. Ever since then we have been having a great time as a family. No more problems and death in the family. We always have family celebrations and we all attend the same church, the Twelve Apostles Church in Christ. I am thankful for all I have with my family and not forgetting our gardener Lungelo and our two maids Nosipho and Zamangema, God bless them and my pet Masipala. I love my family.

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  1. Nomthandazo Ngcongo we might be related, infact very close. My mother Phumzile Ngcongo is from uMkhomazi and we also have relatives who are staying at kwaMashu and the others are at Folweni. We are at Umlazi.


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