No Longer at This Address – From Northern Freeway to Ruth First Freeway

The M4 Northern Freeway links Durban to its northern suburbs and the KZN North Coast (while the M4 Southern Freeway connects the CBD with Durban International Airport and the KZN South Coast). The Northern Freeway is an important arterial route into the city and was last upgraded in 2004. The photograph to the left shows Durban North in the 1930s, with what was to become the Northern Freeway already visible.

Ruth First was born in Johannesburg in 1925. She joined the Communist Party while studying at Wits University and became secretary of the Young Communist League. In 1946 she joined the Guardian Newspaper and, over the next 17 years, became one of the most progressive journalists in South Africa, famously exposing the brutal conditions of farm workers in Bethal. She was assassinated by a letter bomb in 1982.

Text and images formed part of the “No Longer at This Address” exhibition by Peter Machen

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