Nelson Mandela Tributes

Last Friday marked a year since the passing of Nelson Mandela, the father of democratic South Africa. There has been much discussion about the ‘Mandela legacy’, and how South Africa should protect it, but when you look at the outpouring of love, and the connectedness that Mandela brought and continues to bring across racial, economic and political lines all over the world, it’s easy to see that the legacy belongs to no country, person or political party. Mandela was one of those rare personalities that was able to inspire greatness, to truly move people to act beyond their own needs, for the betterment of others.

Nelson Mandela Foundation digital tribute
Nelson Mandela Foundation digital tribute

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is currently hosting a digital activation on their website that allows people to leave tributes which then form the pixels that make up an image of Madiba’s face. Click here to read the thousands of tributes that have poured in from all over the world, or to add your voice to this wonderful initiative. You will see how powerful the legacy of Mandela really is when you start to read these messages from all corners of the globe.

A 200-strong ensemble of Durban choristers will also touch your heart when you watch the video of their performance at Gateway Theatre of Shopping that took place last Friday to mark the passing of Mandela.

Just a few of the countless tributes to Nelson Mandela. Let us never forget the story of this great man, who means so much to South Africa, and people the world over.

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