Mandela Day

Mandela Capture Site
Mandela Capture Site

Last Friday marked the first ‘Mandela Day’ since the passing of Nelson Mandela on the 5th December last year. This day, which acknowledges Mandela’s 67 years of activism, through acts of public service, is now celebrated by more than 120 countries across the globe. Mandela is an icon, someone that the world will never forget, but it’s easy to forget the true story of Mandela, and see only the brand that his name has come to represent. The Mandela capture site, where Mandela was arrested on the 5th August 1962, is currently hosting an exhibition which tells the story of Mandela’s life, from his childhood to his presidency. It is reminiscent of the permanent exhibition at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, and is well worth a visit – least of all for the incredible 50 foot sculpture of Mandela just down the path from the exhibition.

If you haven’t yet visited this historic monument, make sure that you do so before Mandela Day 2015. Mandela’s story is one that each and every South African should know.

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