Ma-Brrr, The Queen of African Pop!

Femme Magnifique: A Salute to 50 Magnificent Women is a graphic novel anthology that delivers inspirational comic-book stories about powerful women in science, politics, and the arts. Illustrators and writers from all over the world have come together to tell the stories of female trailblazers, who more often than not have taken a backseat to their male counterparts in our history books.

One of the contributors to Femme Magnifique was South African novelist Lauren Beukes, who worked alongside budding design star, Nanna Venter, to produce the segment The Queen of African Pop. In just a few pages the comic book tells the story of the incredible power-house that was Brenda Fassie, highlighting the role that she played as a political activist through her music, but not hiding the darker aspects of her life.

As we celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa, we salute all of the incredible female role models that our country has produced, often in spite of the limitations they found themselves constrained by.

Femme Magnifique: A Salute to 50 Magnificent Women will be available for purchase in September this year. Visit Kickstarter for more information on this incredible project.

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