Kara Heritage Institute

The Kara Heritage Institute is one of a number of programmes that specialises in indigenous knowledge systems specific to South Africa. Like Ulwazi, one of Kara’s aims is to record knowledge that until recently has been passed on from one generation to another orally, but their primary goal is to create sustainability through skills development.

To this aim the Institute runs a number of programmes, including the Kara Heritage School that specialises in African history and indigenous knowledge systems, life skills and entrepreneurial development. The Kara Heritage Villages are self-sufficient communities with pre-schools, libraries and educare centres. The villages also house sewing centres and other entrepreneurial training programmes, and play a fundamental role in strengthening African heritage.

Spiritual dancers at the Kara Heritage Centre
Spiritual dancers at the Kara Heritage Centre

The Kara Arts and Crafts Centre offers training in pottery, beadwork, leatherwork, woodwork, sewing and community arts, which are then sold on to curio shops and craft cooperatives, with the Kara Agriculture Cooperatives providing training in organic farming, agro processing, food security gardens and herbal gardens. Finally the SAHRA Heritage and Sacred Site Programme focuses on the promotion and conservation of heritage sites, which are open to the public. In addition to playing an educational and research role, these sites also help to promote local economic development through cultural tourism.

Please contact the Kara Heritage Institute directly should you be interested in taking part in any of the programmes that this wonderful institution runs.

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