Isiqatha or Shakes


1 History of Isiqatha
2 Recipe
3 Ingredients
4 Method

History of Isiqatha
Isiqatha which is also called shakes is an alcoholic drink which originated in the 1950’s when the Zulu’s migrated to Cato Manor to look for work. Isiqatha which is a highly fermented drink, was brewed by the women and sold to the male residents for a cheap price. It was illegal to make this brew because it competed with the Municipal beer hall which Florence Mkhize fought against. The drink is still sold in Mariannridge and people buy it because it is cheap and highly intoxicating. Some sellers of this drink add battery acid to the brew which makes the drink more potent and very unhealthy and leads to kidney failure.


1kg brown sugar
2 loaves brown bread
1kg maize malt (umthombo wombila)
3 packets instant yeast

Fill a clean bucket with lukewarm waterAdd bread, yeast, sugar and malt(umthombo)Using clean hands, mix by squeezing the ingredientsClose bucket and leave overnightFill bucket with lukewarm water and mixStrain into a clean bucket and add sugar to taste

By Beverley Webster

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