Invitation to Green Map workshop

The Ulwazi Programme has partnered with Imagine Durban to bring heritage sites to their Green Map project. They are having a workshop next week to encourage community participation in the mapping process, see below for details.

Imagine Durban invites you to a workshop and brainstorming session on how you can benefit from the eThekwini Green Map. The eThekwini Green Map is an interactive tool that displays sustainable features of the municipal area. The map enables locals and visitors to explore eThekwini’s historic sites, green spaces, bike routes, eco-friendly cafes and restaurants, local music scene, renewable-energy projects, craft markets, and other places related to environmental sustainability, or points of cultural or social significance.

As a participatory form of development, anyone can suggest a site for the Green Map. Community members can map the assets and include them on the Green Map, thereby sharing what is happening in their communities with the rest of the Municipality and the world.

Imagine Durban hopes to engage all stakeholders in participating in the map by collaborating with, and encouraging businesses, individuals, government, schools, and civil society to participate in mapping a sustainable eThekwini. A range of benefits in the mapmaking process and the resulting Green Maps that adhere to all stakeholder platforms include:

  • Environmental awareness and a holistic understanding of “sustainability” as including cultural, social, and environmental aspects
  • Promotion of green tourism and a green economy in eThekwini and KwaZulu-Natal
  • Promotion of positive initiatives within a community

We invite you to find out more about this exciting, new resource that promotes and celebrates socially and environmentally sustainable initiatives in eThekwini. This workshop is aimed at hearing your feedback about the Green Map, what are your questions, your ideas, how the map can help further your mandate, and what needs to be done to achieve this. You will also be guided on how to add the relevant sites of your work streams on the map.

This is an opportunity to share your ideas, network within and across sectors, and find out how this resource can collaboratively help build a sustainable eThekwini. Visit the eThekwini Green Map at

We hope you join us at 9:00am on Tuesday, December 4th at Priority Zone.

RSVP by Noon, December 3rd to, or call 031 311 4268.

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