Institute of Afrikology

The Institute of Afrikology is hosting a series of lectures on the topic of ‘Afrikology’ and related subjects. The talks will take place at the BAT Centre and are scheduled to run every month for the rest of the year, until December.

The Institute is based on the principle of Sankofa, which emphasises the need to reflect on the past in order to build a successful future, and draws on the teachings of Molefi Kete Asante, an African-American scholar widely known for his writings on Afrocentricity. The Institute also takes inspiration from the late Ugandan political scientist, Dani Wadada Nabudereas.

According to their blog, the Institute of Afrikology was set up as a response to the following challenges:

  • The prevailing miseducation about African history
  • The decline in appreciation for traditional values, rituals and symbolism (African indigenous knowledge systems)
  • The popularisation of terms such as ‘Ubuntu’ and ‘African Renaissance’, and the failure to provide appropriate definitions and practical values linked to these terms
  • The need to develop international studies that explore the world from an African-centered perspective.

In addition to lectures the Institute is also offering leadership training and consultancy services. Lectures cost R50 and the next lecture, What is Afrikan Culture?,  takes place on Tuesday 8th April at 5pm.

Please email for further information.

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