Indigenous Cultural Entrepreneurship in South Africa

South Africa consists of people who live out their culture in different or in similar ways. Culture includes all the various languages which people speak as their mother tongue and as a second or even a third language. It also includes the music, literature, visual arts, dance, drama, oral traditions, traditional practices which include food, fashion, architecture and heritage and the particular beliefs of a cultural group which all contribute to a unique way of life that is in certain ways distinct from that of another cultural group. All of these distinct cultural characteristics in some way or another contribute to a diverse, but also a shared and vibrant cultural landscape in South Africa.

However, the cultural landscape of South Africa on the one hand tells a story of underdevelopment, neglect and blatant disregard of certain cultures and on the other hand a story of preferential treatment of particular cultural communities and cultural practices. Hence, the challenge is to create enabling and creative cultural pathways to rectify these imbalances and to reshape the cultural landscape of the South Africa in order to reflect the rich diversity and set in motion supportive collaboration between the various cultural groups.

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