Inanda Youth Centre and Ntuzuma Aids Resource Centre

Inanda Youth Centre is situated at the Inanda Newtown A, the purpose of it establishment was to attract the youth of Inanda to take HIV tests and to offer the help simply because they were not taking advantage of the facilities that are offered at the local clinic.  Some of the reasons behind not taking advantage of the clinic facilities are that the youth of the area is not comfortable with attending the same public centres with adults.

Growths in the number of young people who are taking advantage of these facilities clearly prove that the purpose of this centre is being achieved.

With the help of the Love Life Ground Breakers, Inanda youth development centre do school visits to offer school health service and run love life programmes. Together with love life, the youth centre also offers school holiday programmes that are aimed at educating the youth about STI’s and HIV related issues.

Statistics have shown that the number of people infected by HIV is growing and the existence of such a centre within Inanda could be a blessing because the youth is taking advantage of it.

The Ntuzuma Aids Resource Centre

Not situated far apart from each other, the Ntuzuma Aids Resource Centre works hand in hand with the Inanda Youth Centre. The Ntuzuma Aids Resource Centre is the only Aids resource centre that exists within the borders of Ntuzuma. The resource centre offers counseling for members of the communities who are HIV positive and also provides them with porridge or food that is rich in vitamins that helps in improving their immune system. The centre is located very close to the Ntuzuma local clinic which houses the testing facilities for HIV and Aids however the youth that is not comfortable with the clinic can take advantage of the facilities available at the Inanda Youth Centre.

The Aids resource centre is currently lacking proper infrastructure and it is currently two containers.  All those who work at this centre are volunteers.

By Ntokoza Tshapa

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