Heritage Walk: Sibudu

Located roughly 40 kilometres north of Durban, the Sibudu rock shelter lies against a steep, forested cliff face that overlooks the Tongati River. The shelter, which was first discovered in 1983, has a large collection of Middle Stone Age deposits dating from 38,000 to 77,000 years ago. Some of the oldest examples of modern human technology have been found at Sibudu, including the earliest bedding – Sibudu people mixed sedge plants (still used by Zulu people today to make mats) with aromatic leaves of the cryptocarya woodii tree, to protect their bedding against insects. Sibudu is also the site of the earliest known bone arrow and the earliest needle, both 61,000 years old.

Due to the importance of these finds, and the need to protect the area for future generations, the site is not open to the public, but with the cooperation of AMAFA a walk has been arranged by Life Long Learning-KZN. The walk will take place on Heritage Day, Wednesday 24th September 2014 at 08h30.

Click here to learn more about the artefacts found at Sibudu and for details on the Heritage Day walk.

Photograph courtesy of www.iol.co.za.

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