Durban: The Coolest City in South Africa

Social media sites have been abuzz with a CNN article that cites Durban as the coolest city in South Africa – something that we definitely thought was worth sharing (although the folks at Ulwazi already know it’s true!). According to the article that was published last week, many overseas visitors overlook Durban when planning their trip to SA, but they really shouldn’t: “Joburg is trendy, Cape Town is glamorous, but Durban is cool. Really cool.” The story lists ten reasons to visit Durbs, and includes the Phoenix Settlement, the beachfront’s ricksha drivers, and the now-iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium, but of course there are loads more reasons to visit our fine city – too many to mention in a short blog post!

So if you’re an out-of-towner reading this story then think twice the next time you’re booking your holiday – we really are worth a visit! And if you live in Durbs then take a fresh look at your hometown – it really is one of the most amazing places to live. At least we think it is!

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