Durban Living Legend – Ros Sarkin

Durban Living Legend-Ros Sarkin

Ros Sarkin was born in  is currently involved in cultural and educational affairs and is a co-founder of the Durban International Film Festival. During the dark days of apartheid, Sarkin showed many films that were banned by the regime, especially films that dealt with political themes, e.g. Bernardo Bertolucci’s film 1900 about the rise of Communism in Italy, “A World Apart”  written by Gillian Slovo, and many other films.

She took these films into the townships by small truck and showed them in areas like Umlazi, Clermont, Lamontville, KwaMashu and also in private venues such as, churches, night clubs, etc. She served as honorary Film Advisor to the Film Festival linked to the Conference against Racism. She was the first woman Councillor in South Africa to join the African National Congress.

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