Durban Living Legend – Dudley ‘Bra Dudley’ Dlamini

Dudley Dlamini was born in Umzinto in 1931 and moved to Glebelands, South of Durban. He started playing trumpet at the tender age of 19 years. He played for the “Mezzow Swing Band” which was based at Umlazi. In 1956, he joined Modern Masters Band, and they played mostly at the hostels. He spent five years with the Modern Masters, and in 1961 he joined Jerry’s Sextet.

Duddley Dlamini
Dudley Dlamini

Between 1972 and 1976, Dlamini played for KwaMuhle Bras Band, he then went to Johannesburg to record an album with an Indian Band called Jerry Junior and El Remos. In 1977, Dlamini came back to Durban and joined Mr. Jerry Kunene’s group called “Jerry and his Men”.

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