Durban Living Legend – David Masondo

David Masondo was born in Hammersdale, Durban in 1950. He started his musical career, doing gigs in townships as Groovy Boys. He later founded the Soul Brothers, the band that has successfully realized the South African soul concept (umbhaqanga), a Zulu-infused style of jazz that gained popularity in the 1960s. He was the writer of all of the group’s songs, and a lead vocalist for the band. The Soul Brothers recorded over 30 albums since its formation in 1974. The band were busy recording their 39th album at the time of Masondo’s death in 2015

A statement issued by The Presidency in 2012 said:

“The South African musical landscape, especially uMbhaqanga genre is richer because of the mammoth contribution of the Soul Brothers.  I especially appreciate your messages of community building, social cohesion, respect for human life and dignity as well as their beautiful rendition of daily life chronicles that are always imbued in every song and every album since 1976, when the group was formed.”

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