Celebrating our City’s Legacy of Leadership

Ours is a city of living gold. The recent Olympics has shown the potential of South Africans when dedicated to vision and goal. The remarkable talent of our athletes has renewed our inspiration for a future where the only limit is our imagination.

This September we celebrate our City’s Living Legends who through years of tireless dedication and service to community and society have been nominated in their respective fields of business, sports, education, arts & culture, human rights, science & technology, music & entertainment and religion and to receive a very special Living Legends Award. The eThekwini Living Legends Awards celebrates its 5th anniversary this year. This is a time to reflect on a rich legacy of leadership; an inspiring future of inspirational people who have and continue to make an inspirational difference in society, both within our own country and further afield.

The eThekwini Living Legends award speaks to a life of tireless dedication and a significant lifelong contribution to society. eThekwini Living Legends is not only a landmark annual City event that is now in its 5th

year but one that connects legendary people to place and community. Living Legends speaks to the future of our country and instills in the imagination and fiber of the nation the kind of leadership and human potential that we as South Africans can be proud of – we are a nation of tenacious achievers who despite many hardships and injustices, through humility and extraordinary action inspire the nation and the world. Living Legends is proudly eThekwini that celebrates the lives of inspirational South Africans and inspires the lives of others to strive for greatness.

Living Legends honours some of Africa’s greatest citizens. Our City is proud of the leadership legacy of our Living Legends so much so that the rest of the nation and the world should sit up and take notice. Our City’s Living Legends are pure inspiration for the future young leaders of our country. Our legendary citizens have grown up in our communities and neighbourhoods, and have added value to the places from which they have been identified as iconic and leading figures by the people of our City.

The making of a Legend is not something that just happens. Legends bring forth inspirational life stories of how they came to be, what was it that made them into who they are, what made them tenaciously hang onto their dreams and ideas that may in some cases have been counter to popular belief but ultimately made a marked difference in the lives of many ordinary South Africans, and in many cases have inspired world thinking in the fields of humanities, science, politics, environment, heritage and sport – and what is perhaps most special is that all of our Living Legends can claim eThekwini as their home.

Living Legends are the lights of our nation; icons of our City’s cultural landscape. Legacy is the substance that connects generations; where a young child can stand on the shoulder of a legend and dream the achievable dream.

Message from the Head – Parks Recreation and Culture

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