Can a Zulu man marry outside of his culture?

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We’ve recently had an interesting request for information. A white, European woman is hoping to marry her Zulu boyfriend but his traditional Zulu father – living in a rural area of KwaZulu-Natal – is opposing the marriage because she is white. Her boyfriend feels he can’t go against his father’s wishes.

She asks “I don’t know a lot about this side of the Zulu culture but could you explain to me the issue with me being white and if you know of anyway that I can get his dad to accept me?”

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

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  1. There should be no problem, providing you have been instructed in the intricacy of Zulu culture, more so if you plan on having a traditional marriage, in addition perhaps to a civil or “traditional white wedding”. Nothing stops Zulus from marrying non-Zulus. The father’s reluctance is not based on any legal or tribal impediment. You could perhaps try speaking to him; putting his mind at rest that you will be doing your best to learn about Zulu culture, traditions and values, including learning to speak at least some basic isiZulu. My great grandfather was Zulu; he had four Zulu wives, one coloured wife, and one white wife, from whom I descend. So, it can work without a problem.


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