Book on food insecurity in Umbumbulu

A UKZN academic and an honorary professor have co-edited and published a book that focuses on and addresses food insecurity in the Umbumbulu community, south of Durban.

The book, titled: Does Food Security Improve When Small Holders Access a Niche Market? Lessons from the Embo Community in South Africa, is edited by the Academic Programme Co-ordinator from the African Centre for Food Security, Professor Sheryl Hendriks, and Professor Michael C Lyne.

The book presents the results of a food security research project funded by the Ford Foundation.

Professors Hendriks and Lyne said the study focused on members of the Ezemvelo Farmers Organisation (EFO), who in 2002 became South Africa’s first group of small-scale farmers to achieve organic certification. The idea behind the book was to move academic inquiry into the hands of policy makers, decision makers and practitioners.

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  1. Hi, This is a very interesting book, I wish I could access and read it.
    How do I get hold of this book?



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