Beset Durban

They say that the best way to experience a city is to walk it, and that’s what the organisers of Beset Durban are trying to do – get people out onto the streets so that they can get a real feel for our town! Driving in a car you often miss out on the details, plus people tend to avoid certain areas in Durban, places that if they gave them half a chance they’d be amazed at what they’ve been missing out on! These free walking tours have a focus on architecture – Durban has some really great buildings, something we’re often blind to – and the history of our buildings, but they also go beyond that, revisiting neglected childhood haunts like the fantastic Natural Science Museum! Other walks have included a tour of Durban’s historical Rivertown, a look at some of Florida Road’s historical buildings and an ‘archiwalk’ of the Point area.

Make sure to follow Beset Durban  so as not to miss out on their next great adventure – you might just experience a new found love for your home town!

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