AI and History: Zulu speakers wanted

Help make history! We need you to help check South African history. One of the issues when studying South African history is that narrators of different historical accounts often use different names for the same person. Determining to whom a particular name refers has lots of potential for understanding South African history better. It could facilitate research on pre-colonial African history and decolonialism.

A Computer Science research project at UCT is exploring the performance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in determining to whom a name refers. This system will be evaluated by comparing its results names that have been linked manually by a human. This is a request for volunteers to annotate documents by identifying names and linking them to the correct people. The survey should take around 45 minutes to an hour to complete, although participants can process more documents if they wish. Participants will be paid based on the number of links and should receive around R55 per hour.

Participant Requirements

  • Fluent in isiZulu.
  • Over the age of 18.
  • A South African cellphone number in order to be paid.
  • Access to a computer, phone, tablet or laptop to complete the survey.

A website has been created for creating links between names and people. To participate in this survey, please go to and create an account. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can choose to quit the survey at any time before submitting it.