2013 International Conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Deadline for submission: 26 February 2013
The Department of Science and Technology (DST), in collaboration with North West University, is hosting an international conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) at the Birchwood Hotel, Gauteng, from 17 to 20 April 2013.
The conference will bring together experts, academics, policy makers, government officials, and civil organisations to deliberate on how IKS, as it relates to science and technology, can be used to the advantage of indigenous and local communities.
The theme for the conference is “The value of indigenous knowledge in the 21st century”. Local and international speakers will talk about IKS-based innovations and the contribution they make to improving the lives of indigenous communities.
The conference will deliberate on the following topics:
  • Using national, regional and international instruments for the protection, promotion, development and management of IKS.
  • Using technology for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Developing a system of accreditation and certification for knowledge holders.
  • Challenges and opportunities for IKS in the education system.
It is anticipated that the conference will contribute to informed government policies for the implementation of IKS-driven programmes, nuanced advocacy and communication programmes and improved commercialisation strategies. Other outcomes include a publication of the proceedings and recommendations, which will be disseminated to stakeholders, and strategies for the alleviation of poverty using local knowledge and resources.
The conference will be primarily academic and the medium of communication will be English.
  • RSVP your attendance by no later than 3 April 2013
Interested parties are invited to submit 150-word abstracts of papers on a relevant conference sub-topic. The abstracts should be in Arial 12 font and 1,5 spacing, and should be accompanied by the following:
  • Full names and title of presenter.
  • Contact details (including landline, cell and fax numbers, an email address and a postal address).
  • A 75-word biography of the presenter.
  • A colour ID photo (±150 dpi).
The duration of the presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.
Government departments, higher education institutions, science councils, and non-governmental organisations are invited to exhibit their work on IKS during the conference in the form of poster presentations.
The posters should meet the following specifications:
  • Landscape 1 800 x 1 140 mm.
  • Standard A0 size is acceptable.
  • The poster can be smaller than the board, but not larger.
Abstracts and papers will be peer-reviewed and published in a journal. The conference organising committee will confirm acceptance/rejection of papers/posters by 4 March 2013.
  • Submit your Abstract and/or Poster by no later 26 February 2013
Contact the NSTF at:
Tel. +27 12 841 3987/4520/2632
Fax: +27 12 841 3025
Email: enquiries@nstf.co.za
Or visit: www.nstf.org.za

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