Kim Matthews

A pivotal force in transformation through music, Kim Matthews studied the piano from a young age and did exams through Trinity College of London. She studied jewelry design at the Durban Technikon and worked as a goldsmith for 25 years. She is the CEO of non-profit organisation, The Paw-Paw Foundation, through which she has raised funds for music bursaries for orphans and vulnerable children who come from rural areas close to Durban and is involved in various projects to bring music to schools. Her work demonstrates that transformation through the arts will always be a force for good in society.

In 2004 she joined the KwaZulu-Natal Youth Wind Band’s committee and was made Chairperson in 2005. When faced with the decision of canceling a tour to the UK to visit Leeds, one of Durban’s Sister Cities only three weeks prior to the tour, Matthews raised the R600 000 required and acquired the band a place at one of the biggest music festivals in Wales. They also performed in Cambridge at a renowned youth music festival. The band’s Conductor and CEO of the Durban Music School, Werner Dannewitz, was so impressed that he asked Matthews to work as the school’s fundraiser.

Matthews has built up the KwaZulu-Natal Youth Wind Band into one of the most well-trained ensembles in South Africa. The band’s Development Programme encourages young black musicians to audition, covers the cost of membership fees, sheet music, uniforms, transport and gives them a full music bursary to the Durban Music School to receive the training they need. Matthews ensured that 400 of the school’s 450 children are on full bursaries and has transformed the KwaZulu-Natal Youth Wind Band to reflect the diversity of our South African population.

Durban Music School

Located on the outskirts of Durban’s CBD is 21 Diakonia Avenue, the home of the Durban Music School (DMS). It’s as unlikely a place as any for an institution that teaches children classical music, but that was exactly the idea when the school’s director, Mr Dannewitz, chose to house the school there 15 years ago. The idea was to to bring music to children who would otherwise never get to experience it. An idea that Kim Matthews, has built on. The school has close to 500 learners. The curriculum includes weekly lessons in piano, keyboard, guitar and orchestral instruments, and learners are required to take accredited music exams each year, either through Royal Schools or Trinity College. DMS also runs several community outreach programmes, working with the Open Air School, children’s homes in Hammersdale and Newlands East, and a primary school in KwaMashu.

The learners were each given a musical instrument, a music stand, sheet music, two uniforms and shoes. The school also provides them with a meal whenever they have their lessons and gives them a week’s supply of fortified pap and soya mince to take home.

The Durban Music School operates as a non-profit organisation, and is always in need of assistance so that they can carry of trying to change the lives of those most in need. Click here to read more about the amazing work that Kim and her team are doing at the Durban Music School. Perhaps there is something that you or someone you know can do to help them on their incredible journey.

She is Financial Planner & Healthcare Specialist. Kim joined Core Wealth as an Associate Financial Advisor in April 2016.Having facilitated numerous death, disability and dread disease claims, Kim understands the vital role financial & estate planning play and hopes to use this experience to benefit clients.