Zorha Sooliman

Zohra Sooliman is an primary teacher by profession and is a co-founder and trustee of the internationally acclaimed Gift of the Givers Foundation, the largest disaster response organization of African origin on the continent. Sooliman has special interest in the empowerment of women and children. She founded the Gift of the Givers Careline Counselling Services in response to the demand for psychological support from all over South Africa.

Zohra Sooliman

Sooliman graduated from the University of KwaZulu- Natal with a Bachelor of Social Science degree. Sooliman’s subject interests included Family Law, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Life Skills Education.

Zohra also serves as a trustee on the Board of the African Centre for Childhood Distant Education in Africa as well as Alternative to Violence Project which are University of KwaZulu-Natal initiatives in partnership with UNICEF, REPSSI and AUSAID.

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