We’re Back!

You might have noticed that there’s been a distinct lack of posts and new entries on the Ulwazi wiki and blog over the past few months, but we’re back in action and apologise for this break! I’m sure you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed the Ulwazi community!

The Ulwazi Programme fulfils a vital role by preserving indigenous knowledge and oral history, that over time might otherwise be lost. Much of the information that you find on the Ulwazi website has been collected over the years by our fieldworkers who have recorded  the stories of the elders in their communities. For the most part these stories are published on the website in the form of of articles written by the fieldworkers, but from time to time videos are also recorded. These short films provide wonderful insight into the history of both everyday people and prominent members of communities within eThekwini. Visit the Ulwazi YouTube channel to view some of these interviews, the majority of which were conducted and recorded by members of the Ulwazi fieldworker team.

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