The Ulwazi Programme conducts oral history and ICT training

The Ulwazi Programme has recently conducted oral history and ICT training for some prospective field-workers. This skills development is a key component of the programme. The training was divided into two parts; the use and practice of oral history and an introduction to ICT.

The first day looked at an introduction to oral history – the process of oral history (speaking, listening, remembering), possible questions that participants could ask and how to prepare for and conduct an interview. We then watched and critiqued a number of oral history video interviews the Ulwazi Programme had conducted over the past few years. The second day involved practical exercises with participants writing questions, conducting interviews with each other and reporting back what they had learnt from the interviews.

The third and fourth days were devoted to improving participants ICT skills, with sessions focused on effectively using word-processing software, conducting research online and using Internet communication tools.

ICT training by Mabusi
ICT training by Mabusi

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