The Story of SA History

At Ulwazi we are continuously on the lookout for local, reliable historical information. Not only is there an under-representation of indigenous knowledge online, but the ‘history’ of South Africa as most of us were taught at school, doesn’t really represent an accurate record of events. The recording of history anywhere in the world is biased by who’s in power at the time and who gets to tell the story, and nowhere is this more true than in the case of Apartheid South Africa. So an organisation like SA History Online (SAHO) provides a very important resource for anybody interested in filling in the blanks in SA history. It’s the largest online history website in Africa, with a vast archive of articles, biographies, books, photographs, documents and audio and video material. New content is uploaded daily by a core team of researchers, supported by student interns, academics and contributors from across the globe.

Click here to read the sometimes disturbing, yet very important story of the history of our country. It’s a story that we should all read.

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