Building Indigenous social capital in an online world

This paper examines the the role of ICT in facilitating the social capital of Indigenous communities. This paper examines the nexus between social relations of mutual benefit, information communication technology (ICT) access and social inclusion. More specifically, a case study methodology is used to examine the role of ICT in facilitating the social capital of … Read more

Ulwazi Programme subject of PhD Research

The Ulwazi Programme is the subject of University of Cape Town doctoral candidate Grant McNulty’s research, abstract below.  We wish him well with his project.

In post-apartheid South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) government’s efforts to create a new national identity, a more inclusive heritage and to address past imbalances have contributed significantly to the reshaping of the South African heritage landscape, entailing the revision and restructuring of old museums, heritage sites and memory institutions. These political and institutional changes have also generated new sites. The focus of my research is one such site, the Ulwazi Programme (UP), an online archival initiative that has been set up by the Ethekwini (Durban) Municipal Library to provide opportunities for communities actively to record and share their contemporary history and culture.

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