Umgababa Triumphs Against The Odds

The prime seaside location of Umgababa sets it oddly apart from other Durban townships. Given the country’s apartheid past, you would have expected that its position, some 35km south of Durban, would have seen it develop as a ‘whites only’ suburb like Amanzimtoti or Winkelspruit, its immediate neighbours. But the seaside village wasn’t an accidental … Read more

The Bluff Headland

The Bluff Headland marks the north-eastern extremity of the Bluff Dune system. At its highest point, these dunes rise to some 80 metres above sea level. The Headland marks the eastern seaboard gateway to Durban and occupies a highly central and visible position in the metropolitan area. Historical background The Bluff Headland features prominently throughout … Read more

Red Eye Art

Desmond Zeederberg’s installation at Red Eye Art.Red Eye Art was an innovative and exciting project aimed at promoting fresh, underground art in the City of Durban. Taking place quarterly, the event also aimed to reclaim the inner-city. The emphasis at a Red Eye Art event was on performance art, with dancers, DJ’s and bands taking … Read more