Salt March 2014

Last Sunday marked the 84th anniversary of the Salt March, or the Salt Satyagraha, that took place in India in 1930 as a non-violent protest against the tax levied by the British on the production of salt in India. The march was led by Mahatma Gandhi, who was arrested just two months after the march … Read more

Luthuli Museum visits the Ulwazi Programme

The Ulwazi Programme had a visit from Luthuli Museum research officer Kristy Stone, who attended our programme meeting on Friday, where community journalists shared the stories they had been working on. The Luthuli Museum is starting a similar community history project in Groutville and Kristy came to see how we operated. Let’s hope she learnt … Read more

Durban Heritage Map

The Ulwazi Programme has recently launched an online, interactive heritage map of the eThekwini Municipality. Heritage sites are ‘pinned’ on the map. When clicked, the pin opens up a small window with the title, an image and short description. See below for details.