Induna (plural: izinduna), is a Zulu word, which is a title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, or commander of group of warriors. We mostly find these people in rural areas which is commanded by a Chief and it is sub-divided into sections (izigodi). Each section is represented by its democratically elected candidate, who is a … Read more

Amathuli People 1770-1820

KZN, uMngeni to uMkhomazi was once settled by amaThuli clan. In approximately 1770 the Amathuli people fled from further north and settled in the land between the Umgeni and Umkomazi Rivers. During the reign of Shaka, a headman Tusika Myeba, was recorded as occupying a homestead called kwaGwabalanda, on the site of present day Pinetown. Between 1818-1820 … Read more